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Shared Ownership in Derbyshire


An area well-known for its whimsical views of The Peak District, Derbyshire is an East Midlands County steeped in the foothills of the Southern Pennines. Approximately an hour from both Manchester and Sheffield, Derbyshire is a countryside county with cosmopolitan centres well within reach. Many of the towns and villages are tucked away within the valleys of the rugged landscape and with a northern soul that breathes through the countless pubs and village haunts, Derbyshire is a county with an authentic charisma that sets it apart.


Sage are proud to present a selection of semi-detached 2 & 3 bedroom houses boasting front and back gardens as well as spacious bespoke terraces, open plan apartments and semi-detached homes all available through Shared Ownership in Derbyshire. 


City Convenience and Northern Warmth 


Derbyshire isn’t only renowned for the beauty of its natural grandeur and sweeping landscape, this county is quickly becoming a hub for small businesses and local enterprise. From Glossop to Derby, expect local butchers, family run restaurants and quirky boutiques along the high street. The close community feel and the generations of families that have lived and stayed in this quaint corner of the Pennines is indicative of the unique northern warmth that brings its people together. When buying a Shared Ownership home in Derbyshire, you can be sure of a warm welcome and a friendly neighbourhood. You’re also on the doorstep of nearby Manchester and Sheffield, with easy access to the M1, M42 and M6 - whether you’re heading north or south, Derbyshire’s steeped in commuting convenience.

Shared Ownership homes in the Derbyshire Countryside

Shared Ownership is a ‘part buy, part rent’ way of owning your own home for a smaller upfront payment – making it easier for buyers to get on the property ladder.


So, what does ‘Shared Ownership’ mean? When buying a Shared Ownership home, initially you can buy anywhere between 25% and 75% of the home. You would take out a mortgage for the share you are buying, or in some cases you can be a cash buyer. On the outstanding percentage of the property that you don’t yet own, you pay a subsidised rent. The combined monthly mortgage and rent payments are often less than if you were to buy the home outright and can sometimes be less than if you were renting.


Derbyshire is an area that embodies a care-free and steady pace of life. With Shared Ownership offering buyers an affordable way to get on the property ladder lay down roots in an area they love, this is an ideal county to finally find a place to call your own.

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